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When we were in Canterbury last year, we had lots of fun with hairpins.

No, nothing too kinky.

Just that I had to pin up our Minerva's black bun, and then, at the end of the ball, [ profile] queen_of_snapes had to take all the pins out of [ profile] cranky__crocus's spectacular long hair. And Queenie mentioned how the undoing Minerva's bun, hair tumbling over naked shoulders, whole thing being very sexy and, above all, easy (such a well-known fandom trope) couldn't be realistic at all, since the whole process was full of anxiety on the part of the unpinner and yelps on the part of the bun-owner.

Well, [ profile] shadowycat made a drawing of the very moment. You'll find it here.

At the time, I even wrote a little ficlet about the hairpin thing. I never posted it, but [ profile] shadowycat's lovely drawing reminded me of it so much, I decided to let you have a peek at it after all.

In the ficlet (I'm giving you the hairpin part of it) Rolanda, Minerva, and Poppy have a late-night drinking session with lots of gossip and stories. (No, you'll never get the full tale.)

At some point someone asks Minerva why she never does anything truly elaborate with her hair, and she says she always uses a simple binding spell. The girls feel there's more to it than that, and, with lavish amounts of liquor, bribe her into telling.

ficlet )
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Title: Carpe Diem
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Minerva McGonagall/Rolanda Hooch
Rating: NC-17
Summary Minerva dislikes fancy dress parties. But then Rolanda helps her find the right costume. And of course Minerva, perfectionist that she is, does nothing by halves.
Word Count: 7200
Warnings/Content: None.
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by JKR. Except Mr Mainwright, who has his own company that has been in the family for generations. He has no intention whatsoever to sell to Warner Bros.
Author's/Artist's notes: Thank you, [ profile] kellychambliss, best of betas, for your invaluable help. As always, the story is much better because of your wise words. And thank you, [ profile] shiv5468, for being so incredibly helpful with all sorts of britpicking questions.
This was originally written for [ profile] samhain_smut. But now that I repost it, I can put in what I wanted to put then:
For [ profile] tetleythesecond, whose enthusiasm for Berliner Bubis made me write this story. Thank you for the inspiration (and for much more), my dear.
Carpe Diem )
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Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Recipient: [ profile] squibstress
Title: A Ministering Angel Thou
Pairing: Minerva/Poppy
Request: Ten degrees above normal, and this pairing
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Minerva finds she has a talent for nursing after all.
Author's Notes: I read [ profile] albalark’s wonderful Pomfrey/Hagrid story on the [ profile] rarepair_shorts Wishlist, and then this little thing wrote itself in mere hours. Figuratively speaking, of course – my courageous beta [ profile] kellychambliss flung herself between you and the first version, for which I’m deeply grateful. Poppy is grateful, too; she says she owes you one.

A Ministering Angel Thou )
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Title: Black Knight Moves Forward
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape
Word Count: 9700
Summary: The Giant Wizard Chess is meant to protect the Philosopher’s Stone. But, as Severus finds out, there’s more to it than meets the eye.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Reposted from the wonderful [ profile] hp_beholder fest.
My marvellous beta, [ profile] kellychambliss, made this story so much better, as always.

All details on the various creatures in this story are based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander, 2001, Obscurus Books, 18a Diagon Alley, London, in association with Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Press.

Without Mr. Scamander’s classic and unsurpassed work this story could not have been written. Any errors, however, remain my own. The experiment described in this story must never be attempted in a non-fictional environment.

Black Knight Moves Forward )
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Title: Procrastination
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank/Minerva McGonagall
Rating: PG-13
Warnings (if any): no warnings

This story was written as a Christmas gift for [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond. They were the inspiration for the story and the title, but above all they are a constant inspiration in my life. The marvellous [ profile] miss_morland did a wonderful job as a beta.

Author's Notes:I think it's time to stop being in denial and to admit to my addiction.

"Hi, I'm TRS, and I'm a serial fic'er."

Warning after all:Don't read that line out loud. The statement "I know a serial fic'er" may get you into serious trouble on the home front.

Anyhow, this is officially a new installment in my Sleeping Dragons multilogy.
In order of story events, the other helpings are Sleeping Dragons, Fighting the Good Fight (set in the same universe, but Willa merely gets a mention), and A helping hand. And ... erm ... yes, this is a Christmas story, and this so isn't the time nor the place. I'm just reposting it here to have all my stories in one place. Stare a bit at the icon for atmosphere, please.

Procrastination )
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Title: Curtain
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8000
Characters and/or Pairings: Severus/Hermione
Summary: An outrageous tale in which Severus isn’t dead, and Hermione isn’t going to marry Ron nor work for the Ministry. Instead, Post-Battle Hogwarts needs money for rebuilding, and one of the fundraising projects is a Hogwarts Calendar. A tragi-comedy in five scenes and some interludes.
Warnings: Improper use of Sartre, crises existentialistes, one or two instances of Smiling!Severus.
Disclaimer: All characters and the world they live in are JKR’s. She also owns an Epilogue, but we chose to ignore it.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] hoggywartyxmas, and finally reposted here because I'm spring-cleaning my fics and reposting them all. The help of my marvellous betas [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond was invaluable as always.

Curtain )
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A few weeks ago I noticed I had completely forgotten to cross-post this story. Since I like to keep everything together on my LJ, here it is.

The prompt was given by [ profile] tetleythesecond for the fabulous [ profile] minerva_fest: In Deathly Hallows, we see Minerva cast an Imperius, effortlessly and without a real need. I’d like to see that explored. How did she learn to cast Unforgivables as if they were simple cleaning charms? Why didn’t she have a moral problem doing it? This was exactly the story I had wanted to write for a long time. The agony started, of course, when I actually had to do it. Thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] kellychambliss, I didn't jump off the Astronomy Tower in despair.

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7,370
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall, Griselda Marchbanks, Pomona Sprout. Mention of Minerva/Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank
Summary: Pomona knows that Minerva will come to regret her decision, but there’s nothing she can do about it. So she calls on Professor Marchbanks for help.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: “Harry Potter” belongs to J.K. Rowling and her legal licencees. In the section describing events in the Ravenclaw Common Room, I’ve followed Deathly Hallows as closely as possible. This means that several phrases and descriptions are quoted from the original. No plagiarism is intended.

Fighting the Good Fight )
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Title: A Time and a Place
Pairing/Character(s): Muriel Weasley/Minerva
Rating: NC-17
Contains: bondage
Word count:6500
Summary:You-Know-Who is gone, the Baby-Who-Lives is with his foster parents, the wizarding world celebrates. And being “second-in-command” has never been more stressful for Minerva than right now. Then Muriel comes with a suggestion that seems to offer all the delights of control ...
Author notes: Many thanks to [ profile] tetleythesecond whose detailed beta improved this tale immeasurably.

A Time and a Place )
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Title: The White Team versus Orange.
Author : [ profile] therealsnape
Pairing and prompt : Rita / Poppy, Role reversal
Recipient : To the winner of HP_Worldcup_Bets on Dreamwidth, [ profile] tetleythesecond, for outstanding knowledge of every aspect of football. With a tip of the wand to [ profile] kellychambliss, for remarkable Legilimency in the NY subway.

No warnings : Just three good reasons not to click on the LJ- cut.

It isn’t beta’ed. I’ve the best betas in the world, but in this case they’re also the recipients.

It’s too long. 500 words of starched, white uniforms with, perhaps, a bit of Quill-tickling thrown in was what Tetley hoped for. 3k of waffling and a second-hand neck rub is what she gets. Ah, well. It’s an imperfect world we live in. If it weren’t, Holland would have beaten Germany in the finals.

And it’s OOC verging on the crack, but I’m not to blame. Tetley started it, Miss, she wanted to play at Role Reversal. And then it all just … happened. Liek whoah.

The White Team versus Orange )
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Title: By the Book
Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Fandom: Harry Potter, written for International Day of Femslash 2010
Pairing: Irma Pince / Minerva McGonagall
Rating: NC-17 (And you have my wonderful beta, [ profile] kellychambliss, to thank for that. She encouraged me to go beyond my usual mild R and improved the story in many other ways, too.)
Word Count: 6400
Disclaimer: JKR owns everything, except, of course, Irma’s book.
Summary: Irma Pince writes her Magnum Opus. No, you can’t order it. Yes, you might want to.
Notes: The prompt was “Irma / Minerva, by the book”. Hence the dazzling originality of title and pairing.

By the Book )
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Title: An Unexpected Outing
Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Hooch/McGonagall
Summary: Set during OotP. Rolanda enjoys some quiet quality time in Paris. A trip down memory lane, really. Only, in that lovely old bookshop it isn’t her past, but her future she meets.
Warnings: Parisian traffic, a Room with a View, and a Peeves cameo.
Word Count: ~8000
Author's Notes: Potterverse research has shown that Hooch arguably came of age in the Roaring Twenties. And McGonagall, as we all know, in the Fightin’ Forties. Two different worlds, even if the location is the same.
Also, my marvellous [ profile] femmefest recipient suggested that ‘as every femslasher knows, if you’re looking for representation in fiction, you have to rely on subtext and your imagination’. And in some cases, it doesn’t take much imagination ...
Those who haven’t read Forster’s A Room with a View, or seen Dame Judi and Dame Maggie (and assorted less important others) should really take a quick look at this picspam of screenshots and comments. Made by the fabulous [ profile] diana_hawthorne, who kindly allowed me to link.
And of course, without my two brilliant betas, [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond there wouldn’t be a story at all.

An Unexpected Outing )
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Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Co-Author and beta: [ profile] lash_larue
Title: Pleasures
Summary: On her birthday, Minerva treats herself to a small, private pleasure in the Hogwarts Music Room.
Word Count: 1500
Rating: R
Disclaimer: JKR owns most of the characters. And even if we thought about piano f/f slash first, we gladly give the plotline to the community.
Pairing: Minerva / a Blüthner grand piano called Fräulein Blüthner
Author’s Note: The enthousiastic discussions on RL piano femmeslash in this journal have resulted in two fics. First, there was [ profile] lash_larue’s wonderful story The Dyke and the Diva. I recced it, you all went even wilder, cats lying on pianos were mentioned, and then someone wrote the word McBlüthner. I ended up holding the plotbunny. So here are some Pleasures )
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Summary: The seventh year at Hogwarts. Much has changed, for the Deputy Headmistress as well as for the new Headmaster. But it seems that some rules can still be the same …
A/N: Merely mentioning [ profile] kellychambliss as a beta doesn’t begin to cover it. Her assistance was invaluable, and she gave me (perhaps unknowingly) the inspiration for ‘The Game’.

Originally written for the Severus Big Bang, and currently cross-posted in several places -- sorry if you're feeling spammed.

The Rules )
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While I was commenting on a journal entry of [ profile] tetleythesecond today, I wanted to link to this story and found I never posted it.It's an old one, written in the summer of 2009 for, I think, a [ profile] rarepair_shorts fest, a very low-pressure, post-if-you-wish sort of thing. Someone gave a Snape/Minerva pairing with this song as a prompt.
And Truth Be Told I Miss You )
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This week [ profile] kellychambliss posted her delightful story Five Creatures That Luna Believes In That Hermione Doesn't

It’s a wonderful essay on Magical Creatures and Their Effects on People, as well as a great characterisation of perceptive Luna and surprising Vincent. It also offers some Hogwarts students’ ideas on what Hooch gets up to in her spare time, and there’s a McGonagall/Vectra to die for.

In short, hop over and read it.

And when you’ve done that, you’ll agree with me that the only point of concrit one might offer is that we are tantalized by the following bit:

Or at least, Luna assumed it was a verret. She couldn't quite see it, but she thought she caught a whiff of its tell-tale sweet scent, the one that worked as a vapourous form of Veritaserum, but that affected behaviour instead of words. It caused people to act on their deepest desires, which was why Luna felt that it was a good thing verrets were so rare. Often it was better to keep one's deepest desires private. Her father had once told her an interesting tale about the time a verret sat under the chair of Ron Weasley's Auntie Muriel. . .

And then Kelly doesn’t give us the tale. Instead, we get a teenage snogfest. Here's my version of what happened:

Something Borrowed, Something Blue )
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Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Title: A Hogmanay Carol
Pairing(s):Minerva McGonagall / Rolanda Hooch
Disclaimer: I neither own the Harry Potter universe nor the copyrights of A Christmas Carol in Prose.
Summary: During a Hogwart Christmas, Minerva simply enjoys whatever amusement is on offer. It's Hogmanay she's truly looking forward to, a time for pleasure alone. Her little holiday takes a surprising turn, but still exceeds expectations.
Author's Notes: [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond were invaluable betas!

This story was originally written for the [ profile] yule_balls fest. The recipient wanted a Hogwarts setting for Dickens, the fest demands an NC-17 rating. The problem with Dickens is ... also, the options for femmeslash in the Carol are ... Well, this is the result.

A Hogmanay Carol )
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A little Christmas gift (a real one this time – no anticlimax under the cut) for [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond, who are not only the best beta's in the world, but also wonderful friends.

Tetley asked for this story while she was beta-ing Sleeping Dragons, and I hope Kelly will enjoy it, too – you did ask for frontstory, backstory, any kind of story on Willa and Minerva … So here it is: a sequel.

The difficulty with writing a story for one's betas is, well, finding yet another beta. [ profile] mountainmoira stepped into the breach and gave her time and efforts most generously. She joins me in wishing both of you a very merry Christmas!

A Helping Hand )
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Title: Sleeping Dragons
Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank/Minerva McGonagall
Rating: NC17
Warnings (if any): no warnings
Summary:When Harry escaped from Gringotts, he chose to ignore the problem of the dragon. So others had to clean up after him. And found that you can’t let sleeping dragons lie forever.
Written for the [ profile] ownficfest
Author's Notes: My thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] tetleythesecond, who spotted everything, from dragon-sized plot holes to missing dots. Everything belongs to Rowling, of course, and if you propose money or want to buy film rights, I’ll regretfully have to refuse. The events surrounding Albus’s death are based on [ profile] kellychambliss’s wonderful story Storytelling

Read story )


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