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Title: : Two Capable Women
Written for the 2013 edition of [ profile] hp_beholder
Rating: : R
Pairings: : Irma Pince/Minerva McGonagall
Word Count: : 6700
Warnings/Content Information: My recipient, [ profile] albalark told me to put in a warning for Motivational Jargon and PTSD triggers. I deeply apologise for the nervous twitching, simpering, and flashbacks I caused my dear friend.
Summary: : A great many dreadful things have befallen the Hogwarts staff over the years, but the motivational training by Wilberforce (Bertie) Arbuthnot counts among the worst. However, Irma and Minerva rise to the occasion with the fortitude one may expect of two very capable women.
Author's/Notes: : My thanks, as always, to my fabulous betas, [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond . Not only for the many improvements they made to this story, but also for the courage with which they relived their worst Inspirational Speaker traumas and their generosity in allowing me to use them. Without their sufferings, this story couldn’t have been written.

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Title: A Story of Warnings and the Ignoring Thereof
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Irma Pince/Horace Slughorn
Word Count: 5800
Warnings/Content Information: none
Summary: Horace has a strange story to tell. A story that might even surprise his old friend Albus. A story involving Irma Pince. And then Albus had to go and die in that highly dramatic fashion. But Horace is not a man who lets a mere trifle like the Veil stop him. When he has a story to tell, he tells it.
Author's/Notes: My thanks, as always, to my fabulous beta [ profile] kellychambliss. For many improvements, endless patience, and soothing my fevered brow during a particularly vicious attack of Writer’s Insecurity.

Originally written for [ profile] hp_beholder, that most fabulous of fests.

A Story of Warnings and the Ignoring Thereof )
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Title: By the Book
Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Fandom: Harry Potter, written for International Day of Femslash 2010
Pairing: Irma Pince / Minerva McGonagall
Rating: NC-17 (And you have my wonderful beta, [ profile] kellychambliss, to thank for that. She encouraged me to go beyond my usual mild R and improved the story in many other ways, too.)
Word Count: 6400
Disclaimer: JKR owns everything, except, of course, Irma’s book.
Summary: Irma Pince writes her Magnum Opus. No, you can’t order it. Yes, you might want to.
Notes: The prompt was “Irma / Minerva, by the book”. Hence the dazzling originality of title and pairing.

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Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Title: An Ordinary Saturday
Summary: Irma prepares for just another Saturday evening. Set during GoF
Word Count: <2000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: JKR thought of Irma and Rosmerta and the Christmas Ball during GoF. Dame Maggie commented on teaching Rupert Grint to dance on the 'making of' part of the DVD of GoF, and I nicked her words.
Pairing: Irma/Rosmerta
Author’s Note: This story happened because I managed to mess up reading [ profile] cranky_crocus's prompt. She's wonderful, so she said she didn't mind.
Many thanks for my wonderful beta [ profile] kellychambliss, for improving this story no end and for scraping the bits and pieces off the ceiling when I realised the Prompt Reading Catastrophe.
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