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Title: Carpe Diem
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Minerva McGonagall/Rolanda Hooch
Rating: NC-17
Summary Minerva dislikes fancy dress parties. But then Rolanda helps her find the right costume. And of course Minerva, perfectionist that she is, does nothing by halves.
Word Count: 7200
Warnings/Content: None.
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by JKR. Except Mr Mainwright, who has his own company that has been in the family for generations. He has no intention whatsoever to sell to Warner Bros.
Author's/Artist's notes: Thank you, [ profile] kellychambliss, best of betas, for your invaluable help. As always, the story is much better because of your wise words. And thank you, [ profile] shiv5468, for being so incredibly helpful with all sorts of britpicking questions.
This was originally written for [ profile] samhain_smut. But now that I repost it, I can put in what I wanted to put then:
For [ profile] tetleythesecond, whose enthusiasm for Berliner Bubis made me write this story. Thank you for the inspiration (and for much more), my dear.
Carpe Diem )
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Title: An Unexpected Outing
Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Hooch/McGonagall
Summary: Set during OotP. Rolanda enjoys some quiet quality time in Paris. A trip down memory lane, really. Only, in that lovely old bookshop it isn’t her past, but her future she meets.
Warnings: Parisian traffic, a Room with a View, and a Peeves cameo.
Word Count: ~8000
Author's Notes: Potterverse research has shown that Hooch arguably came of age in the Roaring Twenties. And McGonagall, as we all know, in the Fightin’ Forties. Two different worlds, even if the location is the same.
Also, my marvellous [ profile] femmefest recipient suggested that ‘as every femslasher knows, if you’re looking for representation in fiction, you have to rely on subtext and your imagination’. And in some cases, it doesn’t take much imagination ...
Those who haven’t read Forster’s A Room with a View, or seen Dame Judi and Dame Maggie (and assorted less important others) should really take a quick look at this picspam of screenshots and comments. Made by the fabulous [ profile] diana_hawthorne, who kindly allowed me to link.
And of course, without my two brilliant betas, [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond there wouldn’t be a story at all.

An Unexpected Outing )
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Author: [ profile] therealsnape
Title: A Hogmanay Carol
Pairing(s):Minerva McGonagall / Rolanda Hooch
Disclaimer: I neither own the Harry Potter universe nor the copyrights of A Christmas Carol in Prose.
Summary: During a Hogwart Christmas, Minerva simply enjoys whatever amusement is on offer. It's Hogmanay she's truly looking forward to, a time for pleasure alone. Her little holiday takes a surprising turn, but still exceeds expectations.
Author's Notes: [ profile] kellychambliss and [ profile] tetleythesecond were invaluable betas!

This story was originally written for the [ profile] yule_balls fest. The recipient wanted a Hogwarts setting for Dickens, the fest demands an NC-17 rating. The problem with Dickens is ... also, the options for femmeslash in the Carol are ... Well, this is the result.

A Hogmanay Carol )


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