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Title: The True Story of the Hogwarts Pantomime Players
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:8400
Characters and/or Pairings: Filius Flitwick, Horace Slughorn, Charity Burbage, Albus Dumbledore, with walk-ons (or waltz-ons) from assorted Hogwarts staff

Disclaimer: The first attempt at introducing a Christmas pantomime at Hogwarts, which took place under the headship of Professor Armando Dippet, has been described in Hermione Granger’s translation of The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Flourish and Blotts 2007, annotated for Muggles by J.K.Rowling, Bloomsbury, 2008). I have no intention of infringing on Ms Granger’s copyright. It is this performance to which Professor Dumbledore refers in his recollections.

Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] hoggywartyxmas, when a prompt on the true story behind the Hogwarts Pantomime was most intriguing. Professor Dumbledore collaborated graciously, freely gave of his time and memories, and even allowed me to reproduce a few photographs from his private collection. The other teachers, however, were less willing. My requests met with winces, shudders, and, in the case of Professor Flitwick, gagging.

But in the end I managed to collect enough documentary evidence to piece together the events of September to December 1982.

I hope you at least will enjoy the story. Heaven knows none of the protagonists did.

The True Story of the Hogwarts Pantomime Players )
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Title: Humbug
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7500
Characters and/or Pairings: Severus Snape, assorted walk-ons
Summary: Severus Snape has found the perfect Christmas gift for Minerva. He just has to deliver it.

I can hear my potential readers say, "Strewth. Over 7K for that?"
And they have a point, of course.

But, yes. 7K. For when the inmates of Hogwarts are on the prowl, the best-laid plans of gits and men gang oft agley.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JKR.
Author's Notes: When you start reading this story, you will find that some lines are actually not bad at all. Those are the ones I nicked from Dickens.

My fabulous beta, [ profile] kellychambliss, was willing to work her usual magic on this tale, even though she loves A Christmas Carol in Prose as much as Minerva and rereads it annually, too.
It's proof of her generosity that she didn't hex me for this Snapely take on her favourite.

It's in a Pickwickian sense, dear; you knew that, didn't you?

Humbug )
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Title: Time Remembered
Rating: none
Word Count: 8500
Characters and/or Pairings: Filius Flitwick and his fellow Heads of House
Summary: Now that Severus is Headmaster and the Carrows prowl around, is there any seasonal cheer to be had? Filius, for one, has no intention of cancelling Christmas.
Warnings: I’ve nicked a few ideas from Pottermore. And from Swinburne. And from Filius’s diary. But in between, there is a line or two of my own.
Disclaimer: JKR owns Harry Potter. And she’s welcome to Pottermore, too.
Author's Notes: Written for this year's [ profile] hoggywartyxmas. I completely forgot to repost it, but here it is. With my heartfelt thanks to my wonderful betas, [ profile] tetleythesecond and [ profile] kellychambliss.

Time Remembered )


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