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2017-09-03 10:59 am

Happy Birthday, Dear Minervas_Eule!

The happiest of birthdays to you, dear [personal profile] minervas_eule!

Since you're getting ready for a scholarly retreat amidst fellow music lovers, here's a picture I took in Cambridge - may both your outing and this new year in your life be as golden and sunny.

And here's a group of old favourites, celebrating your big day as well!

(A slightly over the top size, but LJ does that better. And then, what's over the top for your birthday? Nothing at all!)

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2017-09-01 12:06 pm

Just to let you know ...

For those of you who mostly hang out on Dreamwidth, please note that Hoggywartyxmas starts again on LJ. Since it's not possible to import complete communities to DW, and I want to keep all posts and action in one place, it'll remain LJ based.

You'll find the first mod post here.

I hope to see lots of old friends again!
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2017-06-22 11:17 am

Some HP recs

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, the days of soda, and pretzels, and porn. (Could we make that dry white wine, some olives, and porn?)

Procrastination is almost a duty at this time of the year. Yes, I have to update the syllabi for next year, and yes, there's quite a bit of work and a few deadlines.

But there's also 2,5 months in which to do it all.

Right now, it's summertime, and the livin' is easy ...

And with some OLSB fun it's even better )
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2017-06-03 03:09 pm

The Maxims of Good Discourse

I'm currently reading a French detective novel set in Ancient Egypt (by Christian Jacq), and there I found some words of wisdom from Ptahotep. Amazingly apt in today's world, so I wanted to share it with you.

Here's from around 2200 years BC:

The fool who does not listen,
can accomplish nothing at all.
He sees knowledge as ignorance,
usefulness as harmfulness.
He does all that is detestable,
and is blamed for it each day.
He lives on that by which one dies,
he feeds on damned speech.

The French translation was even better for the last line: discours tordu, twisted speech.

If you want to read more, here is the website where I found the English translation and the confirmation that Ptahotep exists and is not a character invented by Christian Jacq. In these days one wants to check one's facts.
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2017-03-11 09:19 pm

Happy Birthday, Dear Shadowycat

Here's a Dutch bunch of flowers to celebrate the day. I hope you'll have a lovely birthday!

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2017-02-22 02:40 pm

Happy Birthday Dear Kiwi!

Have a cheerful coven from one of my favourite painters.

I hope you'll have a lovely day.
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2016-11-22 07:09 pm

Happy Birthday, Dear [ profile] magnetic_pole

Here's one of our more iconic bridges, with fireworks for your big day.

Yes, that took a bit of organising, but we managed. Slytherin paybacks and such.

I hope you'll have a glorious day. Go and paint the town. You'll do it tastefully.

Rotterdam, Erasmus bridge
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2016-11-21 08:26 pm

Fantastic Beasts

This afternoon I've been to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Here's the short version:

Fantastic Beasts: very well done. They knew where to find them and how to bring them alive.

Plot: Alas, they were totally unable find one.

All in all, despite my enthusiasm after seeing the trailer and my real eagerness to see the film, I thought it a waste of time.

It must be said, though, that I really don't like action movies. And this is an action movie: good guys hitting bad guys and bad guys hitting good guys and a Force of Evil that hits just about everyone. I find that sort of thing seriously boring, and what I loved about the Potter books was that they were so much more than that. And the part of it that was action was about a quest. To me, that's something entirely different.

So if you enjoy action movies, you may well like this one. The visuals are stunning.

Here be spoilers and a hatchet-job )
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2016-11-18 08:19 pm

Some Thoughts on a Love Meme

[ profile] lokifan is currently hosting a multi-fandom love meme on her LJ. She put it up because, as she put it, a lot of people are feeling bruised by the events of 2016, and she wanted to create a space where warm and positive things are said.

I know there has been some controversy in the past about a love meme that someone who's name I've forgotten started years ago. While the meme generated hundreds of comments, there were some people who said that those who weren't mentioned would feel angry or upset.

Personally, I don't see why seeing people say lovely things about your friends should make you feel angry, any more than why seeing a friend's story recced should make you jealous or upset at not being recced yourself. I think being happy for them and thinking about whether they will have seen the rec, and whether you should drop them a line, is much better for everyone's mood, including your own.

If you don't see your own name in such a meme, you might think, "Why the hell is no-one nice about me?" Most people, including myself, are insecure enough to have that as a first, gut reaction. But at that point you have a choice: you can start shouting, or you can stop and recognize it as an ungenerous reaction. And you can decide that you, too, are a person who says good things about their friends.

So here are three reasons I want to point you all toward [ profile] lokifan's meme.

1. Several of you are mentioned and lovely things are said about you.

2. If you want to take a few minutes out of your day to do something nice for another person, here's a quick and easy way of doing so.

3. There are currently over 400 comments (and it's growing by the minute) that represent over 400 moments in which a person did something nice for another person.

And there's one comment where someone who says they were very happy in 2016, and yet they can't find a more gracious response than to lash out in a vicious way to poor Loki, who only tried to make good things happen.

Actually, when you can't find anything nice to say, you just might consider saying nothing at all.

That's why I put up this post, really. To encourage warmth and acts of friendship and generosity. And that's why I'm not putting it under a cut.
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2016-10-23 11:16 am

Happy Birthday, Dear Tetley!

Have the most glorious of birthdays - I hope the sun is shining as brightly and the autumn colours glow as beautifully as they do here today.

We'll certainly join in with a drink in your honour.

These two want to join the festivities too. They didn't say what present they got you, but the bag looks promising - and even without the bag you might like their company.

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2016-09-13 12:21 pm

Happy Birthday, Dear Lash_Larue!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day with P, and we'll drink to your health tonight.

Here's some eye candy to celebrate - in the colours of all the Hogwarts Houses.

It's a classic! )
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2016-08-21 04:38 pm
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Quick Rec

There's an excellent story - obviously, since it's by [ profile] purplefluffycat. I've always thought she has one of the best Slughorn voices in fandom, and now it turns out she excels at writing Luna, too.

Go check out A Horned Slug, Passant.
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2016-04-25 02:26 pm
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Quick Rec - Sesquipedalia

Did you learn your new word for the day? If not, go to Sesquipedalia, the best way to learn at least ten good, long words.

For Hermione gets it off on them. And Minerva, as it turns out, does so as well. So when they meet, sparks fly. It's red hot and great fun. And it has Dutch food and New York bars.

Go read it now! And you'll end up like me: monosyllabic with admiration.
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2016-04-05 09:53 am

Happy Birthday, dear Shiv!

Happy Birthday, dear Shiv. I hope you'll have a wonderful day with lots of chocolate.
Here's a peacock to brighten things up.
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2016-02-07 11:51 am

Happy Birthday, Ysilme!

Here's a little birthday cake - just a small snack, of course. I hope you've had a lovely time. Sorry for being a day late *points at icon*

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2016-02-02 09:13 pm

Happy Birthday Dear Queen_of_Snapes

This was deemed a suitable dish for our king on Coronation Day (or rather Investiture Day), and I hope you'll accept this small token in celebration of your glorious birthday

from your most devoted subject,
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2016-01-24 02:34 pm

Detectives with a French twist

I've lots of work, so obviously procrastination was in order.

It took the form of checking out some favourite French authors to see whether they have something new.

And I found that one of my all-time favourite detective stories, good enough to read and actually re-read, has been translated into English! At last they're accessible to all of you.

The two protagonists are Lola Jost, a former police officer, and Ingrid Diesel, an American in love with Paris, and when the owner of Lola's favourite restaurant is accused of murder, the two investigate.

There's a series of 6 about these two now, but while I still want to read the new ones, the first one is the one I love best. Not very hard-boiled, but definitely no 'cozy'. Lola doesn't do cozy.

"Do you want a calvados with your pudding, Madame Jost?"
"No. I want a calva with my calva."

You'll find Dark Angel here.

And Fred Vargas and her fantastic band of sleuthing historians is suddenly available, too. You'll find The Three Evangelists and the next book in the series here. Very French, the police officer is judged not just by his detecting skills, but also by his gratin of cauliflower (which he makes marvelously well).

These characters also show up regularly in the Inspector Adamsberg series. As the books progress, the gothic and fantastical elements sometimes get a bit overwhelming, but if you're in for a detective with a bit of a French twist, Vargas is great.

Also, three diminutive knights were holding a sword-fight outside my window. If the blades are red, blue, and green, does that mean it's actually light sabres and The Force Awakens?

They were wacking vigorously, anyhow.
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2016-01-14 02:21 pm

R.I.P Alan Rickman

Just heard the news. Never was my default icon more appropriate.

What a shame.

He was truly unforgettable.
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2015-12-24 02:57 pm

Merry Christmas, dear Flist

Not a Lord S original, this time, but my own.

I hope all of you who celebrate will have a truly magical time.