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Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, the days of soda, and pretzels, and porn. (Could we make that dry white wine, some olives, and porn?)

Procrastination is almost a duty at this time of the year. Yes, I have to update the syllabi for next year, and yes, there's quite a bit of work and a few deadlines.

But there's also 2,5 months in which to do it all.

Right now, it's summertime, and the livin' is easy ...

[personal profile] lash_larue absolutely outdid herself with a wonderfully-atmospheric MM/SS story: Atonement.

Great lines, very evocative, and an ending ... well ... only McGonagall could come up with that one.

[profile] kellychambliss joined Lash in the pornfest that is [profile] wand_in_a_knot (why is this not surprising?) with a spot-on Minerva/Pomona.

Yes, it's great porn. But it's also, in less than 1500 words, the story of a long and full relationship. As I can waffle on an Olympic level, I have the greatest admiration for people who can do so much in so few words.

Go and read The Devil wears Tartan".

And [personal profile] tjs_whatnot wrote an amazing bit of Rolanda/Minerva for the Daily Deviant's birthday party.

It's a fic written in comments, so while it says 'three parts' that's three quite short, comment-sized parts. More's the pity.

Sterling characterisations and a completely in-character Minerva. This story should do wonders for the sales of Weasley's patented Day-Dream Potion, and I do hope they paid her enough for it. Like, a life-time supply of the stuff.

Part One

Part 2

Part 3.

Asylum allows both anonymous comments and log-in with your LJ name, and this little peach of a story deserves more comments than it got so far.

"But where is Poppy?" you'll ask, looking at the icon. For now, she's my only OLSB icon over here on DW, and she was my first love in HP fanfiction.

Yes, this is bragging, but this week I got an FF notification saying someone had favourited Stunned, the very first real story I wrote, with Poppy/Minerva. As far as I'm concerned, that pairing is canon.

Kelly and I met up over that story, while she was writing the truly wonderful Trainspotting. It was so nice to get a favourite for such an old story, and even better to remember those heady days of discovering fanfic, and friends who liked the same thing, and Monday mornings that started with a new Trainspotting chapter to comment on.

But there's also a fantastic Poppy/Minerva art. Well, of course it's great, it's by [personal profile] shadowycat. To Touch You.

To round of the fannish delights, a shamefully long time ago I got a very thoughtful PM from an FF-Net user, SilenceoftheSolitude, who asked permission to base a fic on my story Curtain.

It's quite an oldie, too, written for the very first [community profile] hoggywartyxmas, so that was a pleasant surprise already.

She has taken a small element from the story and has turned it into a delightful little fic.

I particularly like the way she deals with the canon fact of Snape never taking points from his own House. There seem to be two sides to that, and the one from the Slytherin point of view is very believable.

So I'm tickled pink that my story has inspired someone else to write. And I'm pink going on beetroot from the lovely things she said about my work.

It's on Archive of our Own: Miss PMS.
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